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a unaccented is like           a IB India,

 accented if Hke               a ?, bath.

e is always longj like        '   I 3J f&e*

i unaccented is like            " i 3J India.

{ accented is like                 i, 3, tlite.

v unaccented is like   ,         u  put.

 accented is like                K  rural.

o is always long, like           o  oval,

ai is like                          .  at  aisle.

<w is like                           ou

The consonants are pronounced as in English: th as in boot~hoo&, never as In
father; g is always Isard, as in gag; y is always a c^msonant, and 0, g and x^
are not used at-alL   The iixed sound of each letter never varies; and it if,
tberefore3 impossible for any person of the most ordinary intelligence
for a moment as to the correct way of pronoimcing a word the first time he
it   Without the slightest knowledge of the langnage, he may read a page r f a
Romanized Sanskrit or Hindustani book -to an Indian audience, and be perfectly
intelligible^ if he. will 'only take the trouUe to remember the few simple rales
given above*